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Why Choose



We do not take on projects for which we are not suited: we firmly stand behind our expertise and competence. Our clients are selected with care, making sure we are the right choice for them.


Our technical solutions address your business concerns. Input from major stakeholders from both the technical and business sides is always considered in strategic project planning. 


Over 40 years of combined experience working in a highly regulated financial industry is made readily available to our clients. Higher Intelligence brings to the table an exceptional track record of continuous up-time, the know-how for achieving a proven infrastructure resiliency, and substantial experience in maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. 


Every customer we have worked with in the past is now a repeat client. We do not compromise quality for expediency, we exceed expectations, and are bound by our code of ethics to serve your interest to the best of our considerable abilities.


Unlike traditional managed service providers (MSPs) limited by the standard engagement formulas, we are flexible and approach each project on its own merits. We treat each engagement as a mutual learning opportunity.


Our clients are not simply a source of revenue, they are investments. We strive to learn the particulars of your business or industry as we work with you. We look outside of the familiar products and services - every time - to assure that the solutions we suggest and deliver are the best for your intended use.

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